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Thorndike Vol 4 Dictionary Illustrations

Thorndike Vol 4 Dictionary Illustrations

Thorndike Vol 4 Dictionary Illustrations Publisher's Description

The Thorndike collection is a set of illustrations for the Nexus English Super Dictionary by PocketSensei. Nexus version 1.2.5 or better is required.

Thorndike Volume IV contains: adz, albatross, anchor, antelope, apple, arrowhead, baboon, baluster, battlement, beehive, biplane, blinder, bungalow, canoe, centaur, cogwheel, crossbow, cymbal, dart, derby, dromedary, eggplant, emu, ewer, fan, fez, flea, fulcrum, gangplank, geranium, girder, goldfinch, grating, gull, hammerhead, hickory, Holstein, hops, hyena, imp, iris, jamb, joist, kangaroo, kerchief, khan, knapsack, large intestine, life preserver, lock, louse, machete, maple, miller, morning glory, mug, mussel, nest, nozzle, olive, orangutan, palate, peony, pestle, pew, pinecone, pitchfork, plowshare, poison ivy, portcullis, powder horn, proboscis, pulley, quail, redwood, robin, root, sabot, scallop, screw, sedan chair, shamrock, sill, sole, stamen, still, swan, tapir, teepee, thorax, toadstool, trachea, turban, vamp, vicuna, washer, webbed, whirligig, wringer, zeppelin.

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